Storm Damage

We, at Storm Restoration Solutions, understand that while they can be fun – storms can be an inconvenient and unfortunate reality for many property owners. We want to ensure that your family, or business, is protected from the various types of damage storms create. Especially since they can be dangerous for your home. At some point, you’re likely to suffer from some type of storm damage as a result. Whether it’s shingle blow-offs, roof leaks, or any other number of storm related issues.

Hail Damage

If you have damage from the most recent hail storm – the sooner you have it taken care of, the better. The alternative is bigger problems, which we would like to help you avoid. One of these bigger problems being mold formation. Another, depending on how extensive the damage is, could affect the structure and soundness of your home. The more common type of damage can consist of missing and impact damage of shingles, the roof, vents, siding, gutters, and more. Either way, the sooner you contact us to help you inspect and repair the damage caused by hail – the better. A small issue can easily turn into a much larger one. And seeing as we’ve been in business for 20+ years, we have made the process as painless as possible for you, our customer.

Storm Restoration

Storm damage can cause long term, costly issues if not repaired.  Which is why we, at Storm Restoration Solutions, want to ensure you and your family are protected from all kinds of storm damage. And being a restoration company, we deal with a lot of properties damaged by storms.

Fire Damage

When you experience fire damage – we are ready to assist you with your service from the moment you contact us. This way you can avoid further issues in the long run.  First things first is the clean-up process. Which begins with an assessment and inspection to determine the full-extent of the smoke and fire damage. Checking your home for cracked, broken, or missing shingles, holes in your gutters, and dents in your siding as well. Securing any areas required with board-ups and tarps. As well as removing any water, and drying wet areas, to prevent molding. Followed by structural and content cleaning – including deodorization. Then the actual repairs begin.

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